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Draw attention. Take control. Make your point.

You have great abilities in your field. You excel. Others acknowledge your talents. But, do you command a presence? Are you persuasive? Does your communication style demonstrate that you're in charge?

Turn your passive listeners into "we want more" listeners. Make impressions that will win followers and detractors alike. There is no magic to this; each individual can become a skilled communicator to a group large or small. 

Whether you are preparing for that big debut or whether you earn your keep at the podium, Tom Bower will analyze your needs, develop a customized solution, and coach you to becoming a more confident and effective communicator. Suitable for business, media, and health care professionals as well as political personas, Tom's individualized Exec-U-Speak program helps you polish your skills, making you at ease in any venue, be it board room, lecture hall, television, or the legislative floor.

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