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"Tom Bower delivers a message of hope and courage that is bold and credible because he's lived it. Tom moves us through the inevitable challenges of life with guidance that is fresh, personal, inspirational, and always right on the mark. Dynamic and engaging, Tom Bower is simply the best I've heard."
Dr. Chuck Stoner, professor & author
Bradley University


Awaken. Inspire. Excite.

Want to change the path of your organization or business? Are you stuck in a comfort zone? Has routine invaded your life? 

For an individual, change is never easy. For a group of individuals, each with their own emotions, "change" can be a boiling pot of reluctance, fear, and resistance. How do you address this? Get a fresh perspective - give your people a boost with Tom Bower.

Tom has motivated and ignited groups in ballrooms and church basements, from Rotarians in Toronto to business and political leaders in Chicago and Mason City. As a highly spirited believer-in-people and one committed to having fun, Tom will find and extract truth, strength, and possibility in your group. With Tom, you can expect a dynamic forum, peppered with humor and driven by results, specifics, and techniques. 

Depending on your audience, your objectives, and your goals, Tom will tailor his presentation just for you. And since Tom is a travelling man, you name the place and Tom will get there.

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