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"Bower, learned and reflective, is also self-assured. He is a man who has accepted life's sometimes fiendish challenges and arrived at a rare understanding of the human condition."
The Peoria Journal Star 
Peoria, Illinois

  who's tom?

Tom Bower is a management and personal business consultant, a speaker, a writer, a builder, an enabler, a teacher. Bower is a success coach and a mentor. People and business are his "business".

After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in Business Administration, Tom served as a sergeant in the United States Air Force, with tours in Libya and France. An association with the automobile industry influenced his early career experiences and he returned to the industry in the early 1990s as an investor. 

In the early 1980s, after a series of troubling physical symptoms, Tom was diagnosed with a neurological disorder known as cervical dystonia. Tom's condition ultimately led him through a journey of personal discoveries and the understanding that life is not easy - there are no generic solutions and just about everything worthwhile requires hard work.

Tom pours compassion, a wealth of knowledge, humor, and real-life experiences into every solution that he provides. His message and strategies have motivated students, civic leaders, non-profit organizations, businesses, employee groups, and medical organizations...from California to Canada!


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